My Favorite Skin Care Products

Hey Ya’ll

This week has been so amazing and it’s only Tuesday. I have started to gain more subscribers on here and my Instagram. It means SO much to me that you take time out of your day to read my blog. 🙂 If you haven’t subscribed, you can on the right hand side of my homepage. My Instagram handle is @katie_dipillo. Please subscribe and follow because I have some awesome content coming out that you will not want to miss!

I started back in my fitness routine because summer is right around the corner! This time of the year is when I usually amp up my workouts to 4-5x/week. I love those endorphins and tone muscles 🙂 I currently follow @alexia_clark an am doing her workouts to keep me on track with a tight schedule. She is seriously my girl crush and I envy her. My husband will tell you I stay up at night and watch her Instagram stories. Not in a creepy way, but of a motivational and inspiring way.

I’ve had a couple people ask me how I keep my skin clear and I thought I would share my skin care regimen with you! I had clear skin throughout my entire childhood and teenage life. I know, so lucky, right?? Unfortunately, as an adult, I have cystic acne. I normally have breakouts when my hormones are off due to stress or lack of sleep. I would say I am pretty good at getting a good nights sleep and managing my stress, so my breakouts are few and far between. I also religiously wash my face, which is key. I wash my face when I wake up, before I go to sleep, after my workouts, as soon as I get home if I have makeup on. Seriously, any chance I get to have a clean face, I jump on it. I don’t use every product every time I wash my face. Click the name of the product for links.


Cetaphil Cleanser: Seriously, this is the best cleanser and you can get it at your local drugstore or on Amazon. It is also so affordable. My dermatologist recommended I use it years ago after many failed products. I have sensitive skin and this doesn’t cause redness, swelling, or any other inflammatory symptoms. It doesn’t leave any residue from my make up or the product itself on my skin. It makes my skin so smooth and fresh. In college I used to get white heads, but the cleanser alone did the trick!

Exfolikate: I use Exfolikate by Kate Somerville 3x/week. This has ingredients that will especially help oily or acne-prone skin: salicylic acid, honey (has antibacterial properties), and retinyl palmitate (vitamin A). It isn’t too harsh on my skin and is perfect at getting all the dead skin cells off my face. This product provides a clean palate for all of my moisturizers! The tube I use is very small and I use half of a penny size amount each time.

Klairs Toner: My skin eats this stuff up. I feel like my skin cannot get enough of this toner. It is moisturizing and provides pH balance. In the Winter, my skin can get very dry and irritated if I do not use this. You get an enormous amount of product as well. The consistency has some substance and has a very pleasant and faint floral smell.

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Repair Serum: This helps repair sun damage that I have had in the past as well as scarring from my cystic acne. I am spot specific when applying this serum and around my eyes, top of my forehead, and along my smiling lines. This brightens my face and reduces my fine lines. I notice a difference when I choose to not use it.

Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer with SPF: Unlike most moisturizers, this doesn’t make my skin feel greasy. A little goes a long way and continues to make my skin feel airy and fresh. It is fragrance-free  and comes in a little pump bottle. Also provides SPF which I put on my face and neck daily.

Aczone Gel: This is prescribed by my dermatologist and you will need a prescription, but I use this when I do have a breakout. It dramatically lessens the swelling and provides proper and expiated healing to my breakout area. It is seriously magic.

Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Moisturizer:  Seriously, there is no need for BB cream or foundation when applying this product. It is pricey at $40, but it is honestly like a three- in-one product. Perfect for on the go individuals who do not have time or do not want to put makeup on. It provides one color that self-adjusts to your skin tone. It looks a little scary (as in orange) when you first put it on, but it subsides after 30 seconds and gives you an incredible dewy sun-kissed look.

Comment below on your favorite products!

XO, Katie 

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