Spring Layering Outfits


Hi Dolls,

Happy Monday! This weather has been insane! It was so perfect this weekend with nothing but sunshine and warm weather, but today it’s been raining, cold, and so windy! My weather guy Doug (NBC 4 Washington) said it’s going to be cold and windy the remainder of the week so I thought what a great opportunity to give you some inspiration!

I have some awesome posts coming up this week because I was seriously lacking last week. Today, I’m talking all about layering pieces for Spring. I feel like this topic isn’t talked too much about and most people go straight into wearing mini dresses and showing a lot of skin. For me, I need an in between to showcase these pasty white legs and feet! I enjoy spending most of these days outside grilling out, spending the day at a brewery, and gathering over a fire. In these cases, I need another layer to throw on that I feel comfortable in and that looks cute. What are your favorite Spring activities?

I always ask myself a couple of questions when I’m picking out my OOTD. What about going from day to night? After the sun goes down it gets a bit chilly and what do you have to throw on? I tend to look at retail stores like J.Crew & Loft to get some inspiration. J.Crew has put out this lightweight wool blazer that is all the hearts eyes and the perfect layering piece. It also is great piece to bring an outfit together. It has the perfect quarter length sleeves that still gives it a Spring look. The over-sized pockets in the front are to die for. It’s also lightweight! It’s not too heavy where I’m sweating when it’s 80 degrees out. I love pairing this blazer classic white blouses or sweaters when it is a bit chilly. You can easily throw on a tank top under this blazer for those warmer days. Today, I decided to take it up a notch and throw on a denim button up in addition to my basic white blouse. This blazer comes in 4 different colors and is 20% off! I do recommend sizing down.

I’ve picked out a few other pieces that are the perfect layering pieces for Spring. Which are your favorites?

//shopsensewidget.shopstyle.com/#/?options=%7B%22widgetId%22%3A%225ad0c170dd4edb964abac72e%22%2C%22version%22%3A1%2C%22pid%22%3A%22uid7156-40724534-88%22%2C%22size%22%3A200%2C%22columns%22%3A3%2C%22rows%22%3A1%2C%22url%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fapi.shopstyle.com%2Fapi%2Fv2%22%2C%22iframeHeight%22%3A275%2C%22iframeWidth%22%3A705%7DXOXO, Katie 

7 thoughts on “Spring Layering Outfits

  1. I love your outfit. The last time I owned a pair of white jeans I was a junior in high school. I would be afraid to wear white jeans now.


  2. I know this weather has been out of control! It was literally 85 degrees the other day and the next it was cold and rainy and gross. Spring is weird and i never know how to dress lol. I love this outfit though, you totally nailed the layers!


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