Staying on Trend and on Budget



Hey Ya’ll,

My days have been jammed back with work these past few weeks! Trying to balance work, my home life, and consistently posting on here is tough! I have to admit that my clothes are currently staked up to my neck, my house is a wreck, and I have little to no food to eat in the fridge. Hopefully, I can get some stuff done this evening and am not distracted with American Idol. Thank god it’s not on tonight! 🙂

Nick and I had a little getaway to the mountains of White Sulpher Springs, W.Va. I had a work event for some of it, but got to enjoy and unwind a bit too 🙂 If you saw my insta stories, the hotel was FAB. It’s called The Greenbrier. It’s famous for it’s eccentric decor, PGA golf course, and the now unclassified bunker that would of housed congress in the event of a missile attack on Washington D.C. The decor was AMAZING, but I felt like I was on sensory overload the entire time. We ate well and need to get back into the gym because I feel so unhealthy. 😦 Too much wine and food. On our way back we drove through the Virginia Safari Park, which was SO FUN. If you are driving through, you have to go. You can feed cows, goats, deer, llamas, giraffes, ect. Mostly from your car! I don’t think I stopped smiling and laughing the entire time I was there.

The weather was beautiful during the daytime yesterday and got to work a bit from home. My new patio furniture was delivered so I moved my work space to the deck to soak up some rays! After work we decided to take a few outfit pictures. For some reason every time my husband is available to shoot looks for me it is SO windy. Yesterday evening was no different. As soon as we were ready to go the clouds came in and the wind started to soar. One of these days I won’t have to manage all these factors to take some pictures for you guys. When we were done, we walked Bo and the wind completely stopped. Figures!

I wore this dress to a baby shower for a friend I had a couple of weeks ago. This dress is so affordable at $48 without a discount code. If you signed up for emails, I get discount codes almost everyday. I am loving polka dots lately and high slits. I am hoping it will keep me motivated to go to the gym. LOL This dress is true to size and so comfortable. It is very flattering and has an open back as well! I can wear this dress to a wedding, graduation, Kentucky Derby.. I mean the list goes on and on! It has the cutest buttons in the back as well. I love the short sleeve look as it makes it look a bit more conservative. Since this dress is selling out super fast (only large left the last time I checked), I’ve linked a few other dresses from Forever 21 that are on trend and super affordable. Which one is your favorite?

XOXO, Katie

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