Hi Ladies,

Anyone else find themselves scrolling aimlessly on Instagram admiring these impeccable tone legs that seem unattainable? Or maybe you think to yourself that I will never go anywhere that warrants a slip THAT high?!?! Well, you may be right. I can tell you right now that I myself will not be wearing a slit high enough that I have to hold the two pieces of fabric together for the entire duration that I am wearing it. I will most definitely wear this trend, but not to the extent where the slip goes all the way up to the top of my hip bone.


Slits are all the rage for Spring and Summer 2018. Front slits to be more specific. Slits in skirts, maxi, swimsuit cover ups are EVERYWHERE. If you follow me on Instagram, I have already dove leg deep into this trend a few times. 😉

A slit is very flattering on all body types. It has a way of breaking up your right and left side to appear more tone and the slit of course provides length to those with shorter stature and more height to us taller individuals. It also allows the fabric to lay nicely on your legs providing this kind of form fitting look that doesn’t appear to scandalous.


Now if you still have this burning picture of a super model with a high slit in your head –GET IT OUT NOW– There are different lengths of slits that multiple brands offer across apparel that is for EVERYONE. For those of you that may need a bit of a adjustment period to fully commit to this trend or maybe you are looking to purchase this trend, but need it to be a bit more professional; I GOT YOU. I’ve linked so many options that you can look through to see what you’re most comfortable with.

For those dipping your toes into this trend, I would suggest you start with a maxi skirt or maxi dress that only has one slit and the slit ends at the top of your knee cap. For those who are leg deep in this trend, I challenge you to look into rocking two slit for both your right and left leg.


The dress I am wearing in this blog post provides the perfect length for running errands, Summer BBQs, beach vacations, happy hour, ect. I found this dress at Urban Outfitters and provides a slit that is not too outrageous that I can’t wear it around family and to multiple functions. I can unbutton the bottom buttons if I am feeling a little more frisky to make the slit higher. It’s completely lined, which I LOVE because I hate wearing slits. Who wants to wear another layer in the Summer? NOT ME! Lastly, I can dress it up or dress it down, which is why I love this dress. You know this girl loves versatility!  At the time I published this post, all three color options were fully stocked in all sizes. BUDGET FRIENDLY AT $79 🙂

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