There is nothing that compares to relaxing after a long day of work with a big ass glass of red wine. Am I right?!?!? I wanted to share a recent trip to the west coast. My first trip, actually. It was a perfect little get away for my husband and I. A long weekend away was very much needed and a perfect start to Spring. The weather was not so perfect, but things could always be worse. We enjoyed our time spent together, drank fine red wine, and ate enough food to gain 5 pounds between the two of us.. oops. We started off in San Francisco where I got to see the Painted Ladies from Full House (childhood DREAM) and went to see Alcatraz. The guided listening tour in the Alcatraz prison is amazing and you should do it if you ever have the opportunity. Unfortunately, the fog was unreal, so we didn’t get a lot of pictures.

Painted Ladies

Next up was Napa. I was so excited with joy that after all the wine I drank in my life I FINALLY end up in the matriarch city of wine. Disclosure: I am not a sommelier and will only be writing on my experience. We arrived in the evening just in time for dinner.  We went to a handful of wineries the next day. The first stop was Silver Oak Winery. The best Cabernet I have EVER had. I am still kicking myself for not buying a bottle. Thank god for the internet!

Stone Tower

We drove up to Cade Winery, however, we didn’t get to taste any wine here because I did not make a reservation. The view was spectacular, though. Tip for the future: make reservations at every winery you go to! As we were venturing off, Nick found a group of Lamborghini’s driving around and ended up following them. Boys will be boys. Then we opted for a photo-shoot in the middle of the road because why not?


Next up was Miner Family Winery. The wine was okay, but the cave was freaking amazing. The young lady who was doing our tasting was lovely enough to take us down to the cave since we didn’t have any reservations. This winery also sponsors the NHL and has labels for your favorite hockey team. Of course, I had to buy Nick his Flyers wine.

We had to go to the famous Castello di Amorosa. I enjoyed their white wines, which I normally stay far away from because I’m convinced it makes my hangover worse. This place was so busy and I cannot imagine what it is like in the summer time. Here is the king and the queen in front of their castle.

Castle picture

Last stop was Beaulieu Vineyards. There was no view, but their 2014 Private Reserve Cab was the perfect end to our tour. By this point I was toasted and needed carbs ASAP! Dinner was at an Italian place called Bistro Don Giovanni. SOOO good. Nick is partial being that he is part Italian and nothing taste as good as Nonna’s cooking, but, you could see a twinkle in his eye as he ate his gnocchi.

The remainder of the our trip was spent in Yosemite National Park. Nick and I hiked over 15 miles in 24 hours and explored this beautiful land. We can’t wait to go back and hike the half dome, which is the most difficult one they have. Unfortunately, it is closed in the winter.




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